LawScot COP26 Conference – Lawyers & Climate Change, Leaders or Followers?

Friday 29 October 2021 | 6 hours CPD | Attend online or in-person

On the eve of the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties 2021 (COP26) in Glasgow we will bring together lawyers from across the globe to discuss the role of the lawyer on environmental impact.

Lawyers act as the trusted advisor to clients who are making decisions that have an impact on the environment, from investments to risk management.

This conference will explore the extent of that influence on the decisions of their clients and ask:

  • Are you under a moral duty to influence those decision for the benefit of global environmental security?
  • How does that sit with the duty to your client?
  • What tactics can a lawyer deploy to influence positive climate change?

This event will look at the impact a trusted advisor can have on climate change across areas of law and industry. Our keynote speakers will set the challenge and tone of the day while thought leaders will use workshops throughout the day to debate and discuss a range of legal specialisms in more detail.

All sessions will be available online so you can choose to attend in-person or online.

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