Law Fuel Publishes Piece On Aus Firms In The AP Region

NZ based Law Fuel have published a quick roundup article…

On the state of the employment market for Australian lawyers based in the UK  and also a general overview of what’s happening for Australian law firms in the Asia Pacific market.

There’s not much in the piece that many of you won’t be aware of.. but probably still worth a quick read at

As always it seems that negative sentiment is tantamount to treason .. so we get the usual  "she’ll be right"

“The Australian economy traditionally lags behind the world market, due to the commodities cycle, so we haven’t been hit as hard as the UK or US,” John Weber, executive managing partner of big six law firm Minter Ellison.

“Our primary banking sector had little direct exposure to the financial losses that have crippled so many overseas institutions, and banks here remain tightly regulated and well capitalised.”