Law firm Reed Smith launches guide to AI’s key legal issues

Lots of people are talking about the legal issues relating to generative AI in 2023, with their level of understanding ranging from ‘lots’ to ‘absolutely none’.

Something that could help nudge more people towards the former end of the spectrum is a new guide published by law firm Reed Smith.

Its ‘Entertainment and Media Guide to AI’ explains ‘why AI has a training problem’ as well as outlining the challenges of data licensing; data protection and privacy considerations; and intellectual property concerns. There is also a specific section focusing on music.

“As AI continues to evolve, it will undoubtedly transform the music industry in both positive and challenging ways,” is the conclusion of that.

“The key will be finding a balance that allows for innovation while respecting the rights and contributions of human artists. The future may hold a mix of AI-generated and human-crafted music, with collaborations between artists and algorithms becoming the norm.”

You can read the full guide for free here.