Law Firm Employee Scams Her Firm Out Of Half A Million In Order To Give To Scammer

There are various levels of stupid. This, as they say, takes the biscuit.

We think the judge summed it up perfectly.

Metro (UK) reports

A woman who gave £500,000 to her soldier lover was heartbroken when she found out he didn’t exist – and she has now been jailed for stealing the money.

Pamela Wareing was the victim of an online ‘romance scam’ involving a fake American major calling himself Eric Lopez, a court heard.

When he asked her for money, the legal worker stole £526,473.40 from the solicitors’ firm she worked at for 20 years, ‘betraying her colleagues’ and bringing the company to its knees.

The 54-year-old used her position at Eastham’s solicitors in Blackpool, Lancashire, to access the money, which she sent to Dubai over a six-week period.

Wareing, from Poulton, admitted stealing the money and was jailed for two years and eight months at Preston Crown Court.

Honorary Recorder of Preston Judge Mark Brown said: ‘This was a planned, carefully executed, cunning and deceitful plan.

‘It’s apparent from an early stage you were besotted by him. You were persuaded the situation was genuine. You must have been naive or stupid.