Latest Updates From Lewis & Clark Center For Animal Law Studies

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At the Center for Animal Law Studies, our incredible students, alumni, and professors are advocating for animals around the world. Below are inspiring updates about some of our recent impactful animal protection work. For a full list of the latest news and information, visit our News & Events page.
Panamanian Law Extends Rights to Sea Turtles

A new law in Panama recognizes the rights of sea turtles. Our team at the Global Law Alliance for Animals and the Environment breaks down its potential impact.

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Working to Protect Uganda’s Wildlife

With the help of a CALS Global Ambassador grant, Gladys Kamasanyu (‘LLM, 20) recently compiled and published a Compendium of Wildlife Laws in Uganda.

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CALS Alumna is Giving Animal Crime Victims a Voice

CALS Ambassador, Tara Cooley (LLM, ’20), is fostering the creation of Courtroom Animal Advocate Programs across the U.S.

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Big News for Big Cats

Big cats are in peril. A new federal law and our work to keep big cats in the wild aim to alleviate the crisis.

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