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This month’s column is by Howard Trace who helps us make it easier for users to find information on whatever device they are using.
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Your library can be profiled here!
If you would like to have your library profiled in The Informed Librarian Online, please contact me at [email protected]

Our latest profile is of the Central Library, Stuttgart, Germany.
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Light summer reading!
Benedict, Marie and Victoria Christopher Murray. The Personal Librarian. New York, Berkley, 2021. 352pp.


This article is written by Laura Farley, who discusses the need for reevaluation of metadata practices to prioritize inclusivity and findability.

Coming next month: Marie Radford is our special guest!


Acceptable and Unacceptable Uses of Academic Library Search Data: An Interpretive Description of Undergraduate Student Perspectives

Algorithmic Literacy and the Role for Libraries

#MeToo in the Academic Library: A Quantitative Measurement of the Prevalence of Sexual Harassment in Academic Libraries

Negotiating Open Access Journal Agreements: An Academic Library Case Study

Where Does the Money Go? Creating Transparency in Libraries Operational Budgeting

A 360 Degree View: The Ideal Qualities of Library Leaders and Employees

Workplace information literacy: Measures and methodological challenges

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Affordances Supporting Mothers’ Engagement in Information-Related Activities Through Facebook Groups

From Protests to Practice: Confronting Systemic Racism in LIS

Knowledge Infrastructure and the Role of the University

Learning Management in Massive Open Online Courses: MOOCs

Library as Place: Understanding Contradicting User Expectations

Mindfulness, Nudges and Empathy:  New Media Literacies

The New Physicality of Data

Ranking News Feed Updates on Social Media: A Review and Expertise-Aware Approach

The Relationship Between Work Conditions and Perceptions of Organizational Justice Among Library Employees

The Road to Simplified Remote Access

Testing and Refining Scholarly Communications Workflows and Work Habits for the Digital Age

Why Would I Share?: The Intention to Use Blogs for Knowledge Sharing According to Gender, Experience, and Cultural Differences


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