Latest Edition of Legal Business World Published

In this issue:

  • Transforming Worlds. A GC and a legal tech founder’s overlapping journey in legal design, an interview with Jessica Didrikson & Denis Potemkin
  • What true thought leadership means for lawyers, Namit Oberoy
  • Objection, your Honour! #Hearsay, Chiara Lamacchia
  • Implications of Generative AI in the Legal Industry and the EU AI Act, Gina F. Rubel
  • An Interview with Marco Imperiale, LBW Editorial Dept.
  • How to Use Client Personas to Develop a Content Strategy, Melissa “Rogo” Rogozinski
  • What’s the Special of the Day? It should be your Law Practice, Steve Fretzin
  • Summit By The Sea, How Legal Operators grew from a website to a full-service community with a unique summit. interview with Founder Colin McCarthy
  • 6 Essential Skills for Modern Lawyers: Navigating AI’s Impact, Anusia E. Gillespie
  • Streamlining the Preservation and Collection of ESI from Microsoft Teams in E-Discovery, interview by Ari Kaplan with Peter Callaghan
  • Delivering Value by Developing Relationships, Deisha Vazquez, Cash Butler, and Jeff Kruse
  • The Innovative Performance Management Framework, Richard G. Stock
  • Legal Design: How thinking like a designer can enhance privacy online, Alexandra Varla
  • AI is here to stay! Is the legal industry ready with its building blocks? Rasmeet Charya

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