Kyiv Post Report: Ukrainian Lawmaker Dubinsky Charged with High Treason, Linked to Russian Subversive Group

Security Service sources told Kyiv Post that a Verkhovna Rada member is implicated in a high treason case against Ukraine for spreading false info about the higher political and military leadership.

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) press service said a Verkhovna Rada Deputy, a member of Ukraine’s parliament, is under suspicion of treason following a joint agency investigation that included recent searches of his residence.

While the SBU does not explicitly name Oleksandr Dubinsky, Kyiv Post’s sources from law enforcement agencies confirm his alleged involvement. Blurred photos accompanying the report purportedly suggest Dubinsky’s identity.

On Monday, Nov. 13, The Security Service of Ukraine and the State Bureau of Investigation (DBR) conducted new searches of Dubinsky’s home, according to Kyiv Post’s sources.

The sources indicated his alleged involvement in a case of high treason. However, earlier they refrained from disclosing details of the criminal proceeding, including whether the deputy had been formally notified of suspicion under Ukrainian law.