KWM Launch “global business executive program” To Help You Understand Belt & Road

The Australasian Lawyer magazine reports that King Wood Mallesons have launched “global business executive program”

The press release reveals..

The KWM Foundation and KWM Academy has announced a new partnership with Peking University to help develop new-era legal professionals and business executives.

The PKU-KWM Global Legal and Business Executive Program will begin in October and is open to participants around the world. The initial focus will be “Future Leaders”; and “Belt & Road” which will help boost understanding of China’s national policies and systems.

In best Beijing “speak”  KWM global chair Wang Junfeng says  “GLBE is a response to a global environment, where the future of humanity and the art of global governance are intimately intertwined. It provides a progressive and multi-faceted platform to support the development of future leadership in law and business,”