Kopyright…… trailer for controversial new documentary ‘Who Killed The KLF?’

To mark its release on digital platforms yesterday (April 4), filmmaker Chris Atkins has released a trailer for his controversial documentary on The KLF, Who Killed The KLF?

The film was premiered last September at the Fantastic Fest in Texas, despite objections from The KLF’s publisher.

Snippets of the London duo’s songs, including ‘3am Eternal’ and ‘What Time Is Love?’, are used in the documentary under the fair dealing defence – which allows for the use of copyrighted work without payment or permission if it’s being used for the purpose of criticism.

However, in a report from last October, lawyers on behalf of The KLF told Atkins and his production crew that they take any alleged infringement “extremely seriously”, and tried to block the film’s release.

The group were also against the film’s production when it began. In 2016, member Jimmy Caughty told an interviewer that he was unhappy about the documentary plans, saying: “We don’t want to do it – it’s like an archaeological dig through the past. We’re doing other things that we think are much more interesting.” Atkins moved forward nonetheless, making Who Killed The KLF? an unauthorised documentary.

Take a look at the trailer below: