Knowing Your Rights After a Motorcycle Accident

It’s not always simple to obtain full damages reimbursement following a motorbike accident. There are certain actions you may take to safeguard those rights, even though these accident claims might be challenging. Keep in mind that many motorcycle drivers have a reputation for being careless and irresponsible, so abide by all traffic laws and, if at all possible, stay at the site of an accident. That way, you may report it to the police, document it with photographs, and be available to respond to inquiries or demands. But if you’re unsure of your rights, keep reading for some helpful advice.

Contact an Attorney

If you’re a motorcycle lover, and you drive it often, be careful because motorcycle riders are at risk of serious injuries even in minor collisions. Still, if you’re injured in a motorcycle accident because of another driver’s negligence, opt for a motorcycle accident attorney who will help you get proper compensation. Due to motorcycle accidents, sometimes victims can’t return to their work, face serious financial problems, or their health deteriorates, so you need to find support from knowledgeable professionals in this field. Hence, choose an attorney experienced in motorcycle cases and discuss the details of the accident with him or her to exercise the rights you deserve.

Document the Accident

The best time to collect evidence of a motorcycle accident is right after it occurs. If you’re well enough, you can gather the following information: take pictures of your injuries or vehicle damages; exchange names, contact information, and insurance information with other drivers; and report the accident to the police. Also, pictures and information from witnesses can be particularly helpful for the case, so pay attention to them. The statements from the witnesses can provide you with some additional and precise information to help you show what exactly happened and how the other driver was at fault.

Take Complete Medical Care

When a motorcycle accident happens, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. Seeing a doctor will make a valid record that you were injured, so don’t wait too long because the insurance company may try to claim that your injuries weren’t caused by that accident or that your injuries were minor. The best thing is to see a doctor on the same day of the accident because it can help you get treatment before things worsen and give you an idea of what your treatment will look like. Moreover, motorcycle injuries are often serious, and they require physical therapy, surgery, or proper rehabilitation.

Maintain the Records of Your Accident

Even if you aren’t seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, you need to keep the records of your accident carefully. For that, make a folder where you can keep copies of the police report, your doctor’s notes, and medical bills. Remember that you’ll need to keep careful track of all damages and costs from the accident. Also, your insurance claim will need to show proof of your damages to complete the records. This is crucial to exercise your rights without further difficulties.

Don’t Sign Papers from the Insurance Company

The moment any vehicle accident happens, insurance companies are prone to paying as little as possible for injuries. Be cautious, because if you sign anything you haven’t understood, it will be easy for them to take advantage and beat you. If the at-fault driver’s insurance company calls you and asks you to sign a document, give a statement, or accept money, don’t do that by any means. 

They probably try to get you to accept a lower settlement and sign your rights away, which can make your position more difficult. It’s generally a bad idea to contact another insurance company unless you have a good lawyer to review the communication.

Sue a Negligent Driver

Be aware that you have the right to file a lawsuit against a negligent driver when you’re not at fault, or you’re partially at fault for the accident. This lawsuit can help you a lot because you can ask for compensation for losses like suffering and pain and some health care expenses. Furthermore, when your company’s insurance denies your claims based on the findings of the insurer’s examinations or some other reason, you have the full right to appeal or mediate a denial of benefits.

Right to Recovery, Although You Were Partially Involved in the Accident

Keep in mind that you’re eligible to seek benefits even if your own actions contributed to the injuries or accidents. For instance, you can apply for benefits if you miscalculated a turn or were driving too fast during a storm. Note that your ability to file a lawsuit will be compromised but not barred if your negligence played some role in the accident. Moreover, you can be summoned to submit an insurer’s examination. Licensed medical experts will conduct these exams and give their findings to the insurer. Your insurer should provide a copy of the exam report approximately within ten days of receipt.


Right for the Lost Income

After a motorcycle accident, recovery from injuries can be challenging, and you might lose your employment as you put your health first. The loss of income can be substantial, and you have every right to seek compensation for your financial losses if it interferes with your capacity to keep working.

Your psychological and emotional suffering is just as significant; it is more difficult to define than physical pain, but it may also be more costly and difficult to recover from. Assessing your whole range of medical bills can be a crucial part of your motorcycle accident claim because of this, and your selected lawyer can assist you in making sure the overall costs are accurately reflected.

In light of the guidance given above, it is clear that you have a number of choices for standing up for your rights if you were involved in a motorcycle accident. Take all necessary efforts to protect your interests, exercise prudence, and become knowledgeable of your rights. If you don’t know much about this topic, you may learn a lot from qualified experts or those who have previously dealt with situations like yours.