Know Your Right As An Immigrant

The influx of people from one place to another is a part of the general flow of civilization. If you describe immigration, it has its positive and negative impacts on the economy of the country.

Though the constitution of the USA does not approve immigration, it is the greatest fact for the superpower. 

The vast majority of immigrants in the USA have entered the soil and are guarded by the Immigration and Nationality norms in the strictest sense of teams. 

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about being an immigrant. The legislative and executive machinery in the USA keeps a watchdog on immigrants so that their rights are protected.

This might arouse your interest in knowing exactly the rights you have as an immigrant. Bank on some bonafide lawyers like Diana L. Levy, P.A. So visit website to know more. 

Let’s discuss the rights that are preserved for you.

What Are Your Rights As An Immigrant?

In this article, we are going to discuss the exact rights you have as an immigrant. So let’s discuss them right here to get a better understanding. 

1. Right To Life

The first and foremost thing that an immigrant wants is a respectful life. A respectful and dignified life is one of the most basic rights that one must have as an individual when one move to another country.

The whereabouts of a respectful life are codified in the UN General Assembly, Resolution 23/20. 

So this one is one of the rights that the USA or any other civilized nation will definitely provide you for sure. 

2. Equality And Non Discrimination

Equality and non-discrimination are other rights that you have as an immigrant. 

When you are working in a company, you will see that management have norms and regulation on equality and non-discrimination. It comes as a general policy of the companies.

Know that the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights has established norms and regulations to protect your interests as an employee. 

The laws, regulations, and guidelines enforce the fact there must not be any discrimination on the basis of color, sex, language, religion, or ethnicity. There are some other minute details to it. Consult an Immigration lawyer to understand things in detail  

3. Protection Against Any Kind Of Arbitrary Arrest

If you are an immigrant, the authorities of the land can not arrest you arbitrarily. If it happens, it will be an injustice to you, and you have the right to fight any injustice if done to you.

The laws in the USA allow you to take advice from lawyers. So, for example, you can appoint an Immigration lawyer who can help fight your case in court in the country. 

But you need to hire a lawyer at your own expense, and you can not get any financial assistance from the government or the state in particular.

4. Protection Against Labor Exploitation 

The migrants must be protected against any kind of labor exploitation. This is one practice that must be followed by any responsible nation. 

Know that Article 8 of the International Civil and Political rights dictates that no one shall be hurled with physical and mental torture. Any practice of forced migrants must be dealt with in the strictest terms.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in the USA also seriously oversees labor exploitation so that you get your rights protected. 

Therefore you get legal immunity from the state itself. A bonafide Immigration lawyer can help you out with the legal elements in greater detail. 

5. Education And Accommodation

The USA has always been a champion in protecting the common general rights of people irrespective of any consideration. There are laws and regulations that safeguard the education and accommodation of immigrants. 

The authorities take strict measures to ensure that you have respectable accommodation in the country. 

So you can learn while you earn in the USA. Education right is a basic right that every person must get. 

Because without learning and awareness, there is no progress. So you have every opportunity for growth through learning and imbibing.

What Else?

Apart from the rights discussed above, immigrants must get all other rights in the country, like freedom of movement, social security, physical and mental health, representation in court, and a host of other rights. Therefore, you don’t really need to worry about your rights as an immigrant. There are rights that the state provides you as an immigrant. 

What you need is good awareness. Consult with a good Immigration lawyer to get a clear picture. All the very best.