Kindness for Conflict – A Guide to Separation & Divorce: Your divorce is about YOU, not your Ex. Paperback – 3 Feb. 2023

“We recommend that all going through a divorce or separation read this book. It shares many useful practical tips and has been written with warmth, sincerity, and a genuine desire to help” Rebecca Giraud & Bob Greig Co-directors of OnlyMums & Dads CIC

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Are you thinking about or going through a divorce and thinking is there a kinder way?

If any of these apply to you:
– You don’t want to be that divorcee who’s still angry in five years’ time
– You don’t trust yourself to be kinder, the narrative says it mightn’t work and is seen as weak (FYI, kindness is clever!)
– You feel heartbroken, angry and don’t want to feel like this forever
– Your relationship with your Ex is exhausting – you’re confused as they are someone you no longer know
– You have fallen into the divorce rabbit hole where nothing is as it seems and need a plan to navigate your way out
– You know you are strong inside, but just don’t feel it and need to know how to access your inner strength
– You fear being judged, and a failure for getting a divorce
– You worry about your children, will they be all right, how do you protect them from divorce and can you co-parent well-moving forwards?
– You are ready to step into your power, say yes to yourself and start living again

Then you have found this book for a reason. You may ask how can kindness make a difference in divorce. Am I weak if I am kind? How does kindness work with an angry, difficult or narcissistic Ex?

This book will guide you through a kinder divorce journey that has helped so many to go from anger, sadness and pain, to calm, clarity and confidence.

I want to give you those magic wishes to get you through this faster and with less fallout. As with anything in life we have to do the ‘work’… so you can see your divorce as an opportunity, that you have choices, and you can show up for you – your future is worth it right?!

This book is designed with YOU in mind. You can read it in your own time, dip in and out when you need to – after all each divorce is different. You’ll get clear where you are through the steps and understand why self-kindness is your superpower to growing your confidence so you make better decisions that are right for you (and those you love).

Here’s a little of what you will discover:
– How to create a powerful divorce framework that works for you
– Understand your DMMs (divorce mind monkeys) to better manage your emotions, thoughts and actions and not triggered by your Ex
– Discover your coping strategy and defence mechanism so they work for, not against you
– How to have hard conversations with those you love
– How to find your support squad to get you through the process
– How to manage loneliness, social media pain and judgement
– How to prepare for important meetings, see your Ex and have kinder kids pickups/drop-offs
– How to find strength on days when you don’t want to get out of bed
– How to lay future foundations now, so you begin thriving not just surviving
– New partners, dating and why your children will be okay
– Bonuses: Case studies, tried and tested toolkit, recommendations and so much more!

This book is based on authentic, honest and successful experiences to inspire you to take the next step forwards. You are not alone.

This book shows you places for kindness in divorce, and this can begin with you. You can be that lighthouse so others see kindness as strong, empowering and inspiring. Finally, no matter what your Ex thinks, says or does, you always have a choice as to how you show up, what you say and think. Follow the guidance in this book, do the ‘work’, and you will feel calmer, have more clarity and feel more confident and get out of that divorce rabbit hole quicker!