Kentucky Lawyer Sues Car Showroom Over Dubious ‘Lottery Win’ Mailer reports

A lawyer in Kentucky has had it with car showrooms’ congratulating him on winning staggering sums on the lottery, The News-Enterprise reports.

Adam Mellor is suing his local Kia Store after it sent him an advertisement that appeared to be saying he had won $15,000 or a new car. But Mellor is no easy mark, and he also happens to be an expert in consumer law. He suspected all was not as it seemed.

“I’ve seen these before,” he told The News-Enterprise. “I believe the language said I won $15,000. But I also believed there was something behind it when I showed up to say, ‘Hey, I won this,’ I wasn’t going to get $15,000.”

Nevertheless, he couldn’t resist showing up a few days later at the store in Elizabethtown, 20 miles from his home in Flaherty, to claim his prize. And guess what?

Instead of being greeted with popping champagne corks, tickertape, and a giant novelty check, staff presented him with a $1 scratch-off ticket.

Now, Mellor is suing the Kia Store and its owner, Montgomery Imports, for $75,000 in damages, claiming the promotion was illegal.

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Kentucky Lawyer Sues Car Showroom Over Dubious ‘Lottery Win’ Mailer