Kanye West goes MIA: Lawyer says rapper is ‘ghosting’ him after legal bill; ‘he won’t speak’

Kanye West’s attorney moves to withdraw from lawsuit as rapper reportedly cuts communication and leaves fees unpaid.

Kanye West‘s name has become synonymous with controversies these days, with the rapper being involved in multiple eyebrow-raising activities. Now, his attorney is claiming Ye vanished like a ghost. Not only is he allegedly refusing to communicate, but the lawyer asserts an outstanding legal bill remains unpaid. This comes after the Yeezy owner was reported to have flown all the way to Moscow a few days ago with no official confirmation as of yet.

Kanye West’s lawyer claims rapper refuses to talk or pay: Report

According to a recent ABC 7 report, Kanye West’s attorney, who is handling a lawsuit filed by an autograph dealer claiming the rapper punched him when asked for an autograph, now seeks to withdraw from representing West. The attorney claims West has ceased communication and has not paid fees. In legal documents, Brumfield asserts that West ended their professional relationship on June 21st.

“Defendant also will not speak to counsel and defendant refuses to pay counsel as well,” the new document says.

Kanye West accused of assault and battery

The legal battle, which began on January 10th, 2024, involved Justin Poplawski and Tiffany Marshall suing Kanye West for alleged assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligence. The lawsuit revolves around an incident where West’s behaviour allegedly turned hostile. According to their legal documents, West attributed his “foul mood” to his ongoing divorce from Kim Kardashian.

However, a recent court filing submitted to Judge Theresa Traber on Monday indicates a major development. Kanye’s attorney, Brian Brumfield, is seeking to withdraw from the case. The reason cited in the filing is that Kanye West has terminated their lawyer-client relationship.