Justia is proud to announce the launch of the Justia AI Writer tool, available exclusively for lawyers with a Justia Elevate law firm website. The proprietary Justia AI Writer tool is designed explicitly for law firm website content creation. This intuitive tool quickly drafts new website pages covering a diverse range of practice areas and related legal topics that are often critical in engaging potential clients.

The Justia AI Writer tool gives legal professionals ideas of pages to add to their sites, makes it fast and easy to draft content, and takes the guesswork out of AI. Lawyers only have to input their desired target location, select their practice area, and choose the topics for which they wish to create new website content.

The generated content is exported as a Microsoft Word document, allowing lawyers to readily make revisions before incorporating it into their Justia Elevate website. Additionally, law firms with a Justia Elevate website have access to exclusive guidance on getting more from their generated content, including editing tips and more!

Justia Marketing Solutions equip lawyers with state-of-the-art legal marketing services to help them achieve their practice-development goals. The Justia Elevate website platform, powered by WordPress, was developed by Justia’s team of legal marketing experts and software engineers to incorporate an efficient backend architecture and technical SEO best practices for law firms. The easy-to-use platform empowers lawyers with the ability to leverage the Justia team’s decades of knowledge for greater online visibility.

For more information about the features and benefits of Justia Elevate and the Justia AI Writer, please visit: https://j.st/aiwriter

About Justia

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