Justia Article: 3 Reasons Lawyers Should Claim Their Free Directory Profiles in the Early Summer

Free lawyer directory profiles are a great way to enhance your law firm’s digital marketing efforts at any time. However, if you have not claimed them already, here are three reasons to claim your free directory profiles early in the summer months.

Visibility is often the name of the game when it comes to legal marketing in an increasingly digital world. In many cases, society has become conditioned to look for information online before seeking out other resources. This means that your potential clients are increasingly likely to search for legal representation online, rather than through more traditional means.

Free lawyer directory profiles are a great way to enhance your online presence and increase your visibility before these potential clients, without even spending a single dime! As such, claiming your free lawyer directory profiles is a good idea at any time of year. However, if you have not already claimed your profiles on the best free lawyer and law firm directories, the earlier you can do so in the summer months, the better!

Keep reading to learn three reasons why this is an ideal time to get to work on claiming your free lawyer directory profiles.

1. Beat the Summer Slump

Person in Hammock Visiting Justia Lawyers Directory

Many lawyers experience a summer slowdown in business for their practice. While we do not presume to speculate as to the reasons why law firm business often gets slow in the summer, many lawyers take advantage of this time to work on marketing tactics to grow their business and Attorney At Work even has some suggestions for doing so.

This may be an ideal time to focus on your business, but it is also not in your law firm’s best financial interests to simply resign yourself to a few months of lackluster performance. Instead, you want to continue to set your business up for future success while focusing on present profits and performance as well.

Claiming your free profiles in lawyer directories early in the summer can help you with both interests. Your free lawyer directory profiles help you increase your practice’s visibility both now and into the future, while also helping you better connect with new potential clients so you don’t miss out on valuable leads who otherwise would not have seen your profile while looking for a lawyer in the summer months!

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