June issue of Orange Rag published — Chocca with articles about (you guessed it) AI


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Hi and welcome to the May Orange Rag, where the month has inevitably been dominated by discussions and stories about generative AI and large language models (LLMs), the good, the bad and the ugly.

We have rarely seen so many vendor product announcements in one month – take a look at the product launches section below, which we’ve split by jurisdiction. Not all are in the LLM space, but most are, as vendors in particular scramble to show that they are ahead of the curve.

There are so many things to unpick in that. We hosted a dinner in May with Litera, where it was clear that many law firms are apprehensive about the rate of change – not that we can do anything about it, the toothpaste, as everyone acknowledged, is well out of the tube. While some firms have a gen AI steering group and are trialling new technology, and some are involved in the beta of new releases that we have written about in the past month, many firms are at this stage actively seeking guidance on the risks involved. Vendors have a responsibility to talk openly about the costs and risks of their various LLM integrations and where and whether the technology adds value, not just be first out of the gate.

We aim to help you keep on top of all the latest developments and will shortly be bringing you an exclusive of a UK Top 50 law firm that is in the process of running a POC of five gen AI offerings, so make sure you are signed up for our news bulletins here.

As usual we have all the people moves, wins, deals, mergers and investments from across the globe in here, so you can catch up on everything that has happened over the past month in one place.

Don’t forget to look at our UK Top 200 to make sure it’s up to date. This is a free community resource, and we need your help to make it as accurate as possible. We have some big updates for you on that front shortly.

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The Orange Rag Newsletter is Here!