Judicata Blog Says Via “Clerk” Their New Brief Analysis Tool That Only 20% Of Briefs Reviewed Are Mistake Free

Judicata have published a really interesting post after doing some analysis on briefs.


Here’s the introduction. Well worth linking through to read the whole thing.

This company gets increasingly impressive. A legal publishing company continually writing blog posts you want to read. They need to spread some of that magic unicorn dust to a few other publishers we could mention.

Judicata recently introduced Clerk? —?a first of its kind brief analysis tool that identifies ways in which briefs can be strengthened or attacked. One of Clerk’s many powerful features is to identify misquotes?—?places where the quoted text in a brief differs from the actual language found in the cited case or statute. In analyzing hundreds of briefs we’ve found that quote misattributions and language inaccuracies are pervasive throughout the law?—?plaguing solo attorneys, AmLaw 100 law firms, and everyone in between (even judges!). Fewer than 20% of briefs are mistake-free.

Full article https://blog.judicata.com/dont-mis-quote-me-on-this-589b81b5215c