Judge Says Eminem Must Appear In Court For Trademark Dispute Against RHOP’s Gizelle Bryant & Robyn Dixon

Despite his opposition, rap star Eminem will have to attend court sessions for his trademark lawsuit against Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon.

According to Radar Online, a court judge recently rejected the musician’s request for a protection order against the reality stars, which would have allowed him to personally miss the trial.

As we’ve been covering, Eminem is currently attempting to stop Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon from trademarking their podcast nameReasonably Shady. He argues that consumers will associate the show to his monicker Slim Shady, which he says he’s had trademarked since the 90’s. After Eminem took legal action against the trademark request, the “Real Housewives of Potomac” cast members motioned to have the hip-hop vet, real name Marshall Mathers, sit for a deposition so he can be grilled about his use of the name in question.

Eminem fought the deposition motion and filed for a protective order so that he would not have to show up in person for the case. He argued that he has “limited knowledge” about the legalities of the trademark and that having to appear in court would be “burdensome” as he currently has projects that need his immediate attention. The rapper urged the court to allow his lawyer, Paul Rosenberg, to fill in for him instead. However, it seems the court didn’t find that his argument was substantial enough.