Jordanian 10th Grader Intends To Build “Westlaw” For His Country

Well done Above The Law for finding and interviewing Naji Awad.


Enter my conversation with Naji Awad. Naji lives in Amman, Jordan, and he aspires to be a lawyer one day. He’s intrigued by how much information exists online with respect to U.S. law, and he has started a website ( to help his community learn more about Jordan’s law. There’s no fancy database or algorithm — it’s just a handful of cases with some summaries. But he believes it’s transformational, and he may be right.

Worth noting: Naji’s in tenth grade. Fascinating guy.

Read the interview here–ojtDSZ8MmGkVMwplpvsB244xWdVfrld7uv8tUVlj0WH6oygGwmzSAh7B18heSQUaq01_TdjO4JMhd0Qr-AjsvPjBW2Q&_hsmi=55849356


Naji writes …….


What is OnLawD?

OnLawD is an online legal database for legal research. I target 11 and 12th graders, who desire continuing in the path of law, but are not sure of their decision. This service provides them with educational support which allows them to conclude based on what they saw on here. This website will include legal case files, in both Arabic and English, for students to read them and see what lawyers do for a living in Jordan.