John Gotti’s Lawyer, Miami Criminal Defense Legend Albert Krieger, Has Died

“Liberty is less well defended with Albert’s passing,” said fellow criminal defense attorney and friend Martin G. Weinberg. reports..Criminal defense attorney Albert J. Krieger died in Miami on Thursday, with his wife Irene Stoller Krieger at his side. He was 96.


The Miami Herald reports

Whoever saw him in the courtroom would never forget him: the booming voice, imposing physique, and gleaming dome atop a head with a photographic memory that rattled witnesses and wowed juries.

Albert J. Krieger defended New York crime family boss Teflon Don John Gotti, Miami Vice cocaine smuggler Willie Falcon, and the Lakota Sioux tribe that occupied Wounded Knee during the American Indian Movement.

His cases not only made national headlines but also inspired Hollywood movies.

Krieger, who died at the age of 96 on Thursday in Miami after a storied legal career that spanned the country, was always passionate about the rule of law and a defendant’s rights, no matter one’s status in life.