Jobs Growth At Lexis Raleigh (USA)

Hiring not firing… yes it’s true reports…..

Mark Huebeler says his new job at LexisNexis feels familiar.
And it should.
After all, that same Centennial Campus building used to house his former employer, Red Hat (NYSE: RHT).
Huebeler, the newly hired chief financial officer for LexisNexis’ software division, moved to Raleigh nine years ago for Nortel before taking a position as a controller at Red Hat.
“It’s definitely neat to be back in the old building, but there are a lot of changes,” he says. “We are trying to create something within LexisNexis that’s a little bit different and a little bit unique.”
LexisNexis is on a similar growth arch to the Red Hat of a few years ago, he says, pointing to the 75 open jobs on the Lexis website.
And new jobs are constantly being added.
The company, which runs its software business from Raleigh, has been putting greater emphasis on its Triangle operations of late. In 2014, litigation software and managed technology services were added to Raleigh’s jurisdiction, which previously just housed Lexis’ Business of Law portfolio. Other divisions are sending satellite offices to the Raleigh facility, leading to a build out of the first floor.
His biggest management challenge?
“It’s really just making sure we build things right here and making sure we keep that software company culture going,” he says.
The company has more than 300 employees in Raleigh, and also recently hired a vice president of marketing, Alex Withers