Jacinda Ardern is sued over coronavirus lockdown and is accused of imposing strict measures in New Zealand ‘for her political gain’

Jacinda Ardern has been sued over New Zealand’s draconian coronavirus lockdown and accused of imposing severe restrictions for her own ‘political gain’.

Two applicants made multiple claims against New Zealand‘s Prime Minister at Auckland High Court on Thursday.

The men argued New Zealand’s level four lockdown was not worth the economic cost compared to the low number of coronavirus deaths, the New Zealand Herald reported.

They also claimed the restrictions left them unlawfully detained and asked for a writ of habeas corpus, which seeks to release an imprisoned applicant from their detention.

The court order demands the imprisoned person be brought to court and the official must provide a valid or justified reason for their detention.

The first applicant is currently serving a home detention sentence and said Ms Ardern had no grounds to enact the lockdown.