It’s Not Just AC/DC’s Drummer That Has Meth Problem In NZ.. Lawyers Joining In Too

We’ve all read the story this past week about AC/DC’s drummer so we won’t go over that again – but the world of Meth is snagging lawyers too according to this Roll On Friday report

Lawyer charged after four meth pipes found
The Wellington lawyer who lost his bid to have his name suppresed after being charged with possessing LSD, ecstasy and meth has had two more offences added to the docket.

Keith Jefferies is accused of possessing (more) meth and an unnamed “psychoactive substance”. The meth was found in a baggie at Jefferies’ office alongside a meth pipe. Police had already found another meth pipe, and a third in his bedroom. And a fourth in his car.

Police are also suspicious about the contents of Jefferies’ lunchbox

In 2010, during the period he is accused of being constantly off his tits, Jefferies was found guilty of driving with both hands off the wheel. The latest case may reveal that he was just trying to fight off tiny elephants crawling under his skin, though he has pleaded innocent to all the charges.