It’s A Disaster Twitter Counsel Only Earnt $US7.9 Million In 2019

Personally we wouldn’t pay her $7.90 considering the crap that she’s let Trump get away with on Twitter during her tenure. She should have had him up in front of a judge pronto and then straight into the stocks where the citizenry could hurl rotten cabbages at him.

Twitter’s Top Lawyer Saw Pay Package Dip During 2019

Vijaya Gadde has the power to block Tweets and she’s also one of the top paid executives at the social media company that makes such mini-missives possible.

Twitter Inc.’s chief legal officer earned more than $7.9 million in total compensation last year, the company disclosed in a proxy statement filed April15. The pay package represents a roughly 33% drop from the $11.8 million that Gadde earned in 2018. Her total 2017 pay, however, was just $908,060, per Twitter’s proxy.

Gadde, who also serves as Twitter’s corporate secretary, did not immediately respond to a request for comment about her compensation. Gadde…