Italy: Meloni Approves A Mandate To Overhaul Land-Based Gambling Sector; Decision Of Parliament Is Awaited

Given that in mid-March, the party of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni officially approved a mandate that would rearrange the gambling sector, which, if officially approved by the parliament, where it has been proposed from April 20, would further lead to a radical reconstruction of the land-based gambling sector with the goal of standardizing the sector’s laws and regulations.

Currently, the draft law is rapidly passing through constitutional ranks of Italy.

In addition, the opinion of 12 parliamentary committees is needed before final approval.

The main objective of the mandate:

The main goal of the mandate, and thus of its sponsors, is to rearrange the gambling sector by implementing constitutionally binding laws and uniform standards that must be implemented in all Italian provinces.

In addition, the government’s plan is also “to progressively concentrate land-based gaming venues (casinos, betting shops, arcades and bingo halls) in safe and controlled venues away from academic, youth and welfare institutions.”

Safer gambling as a priority:

Safer gambling is high on the reform agenda “as businesses must ensure the full protection of problem gamblers.” These measures involve:

  • reducing stakes and winnings limits;
  • offering mandatory continuous training for concessionaires, dealers, and operators;
  • strengthening self-exclusion mechanisms;
  • providing minimum characteristics that halls and other gambling venues must possess.