Is This The Big Lexis News For 2010

Forget about new product, forget about world domination forget about your entire practice being automated by Lexis products – can it really be true price rises from LN in 2010-2011..

Is it true we don’t know ..but tells us


LexisNexis Keeps Pricing Flat for 2010 Renewals
This post was written by Ellie Nowicki

LexisNexis has announced that there will be no annual subscription increase for LexisNexis products in the 2010-2011 renewal cycle for library consortia. Since these products are priced per FTE, your institution?s renewal price will be calculated based on the FTE?s listed on your 2009-2010 invoice. Renewal notices will be sent out shortly for libraries to review, confirm, add and/or cancel products.

Can anybody at a consortia confirm this fou – we’d love to know. If it’s true i’ll have to start believing in Santa again.