Is It Illegal to Buy Essays Online?

“Stop worrying, let me help you.” This is the primary goal of most essay writing services, and is that not what we wish for most sometimes? A little help; to let go and let someone else offer a helping hand. However, there is a very slim line between good and evil, legal and illegal. Students have suffered long enough at the taunting hand of essay writing, and not having adequate guidance and help has proven to make the task more daunting. So when they get offered aid from professional writing services to pull them from their abyss, why not?

There have been countless misconceptions about buying essays online, and my aim at the end of this article is to debunk those myths and change the narrative, so shall we? 

Instances where buying essays online is considered illegal

Not once has news hit the wave on how students have become unethical and engaged in cheating during essay writing. Most students in the UK and US perceive that essay writing services are illegal. This is because the names of these services have been soiled in the mud due to their improper use. So can you blame teachers for viewing essay writers for hire as a persisting pain?

Not everyone often has the purest intentions. Good things take time for their miraculous manifestation, and this is an important concept that will help you through your life as a student. Pro essay writers aim at offering guidance to students as they write their essays. Essays bought from essay writing services are hence used as a benchmark to achieve an essay of your own, following the example of the bought essay. 

If an unscrupulous student orders an essay from an essay writing service and hands it in as his own, this is considered cheating, and it is prohibited. This act is punishable in many ways, such as failing your course, expulsion for plagiarism, and many other undesirable punishments that you do not want on your record.


For the following reasons, many may therefore perceive essay writing services to be illegal, and you have my word, they are very safe and only aim to offer a helping hand.

Is it legal to buy essays online?

The answer is yes. There is no harm in buying essays online if you contact professional writing companies online. Using these services such as AdvancedWriters is as good as scouring online tutorials to learn about a problematic notion in your studies. If you argue so, then essay writing services are harmless as well. They help warrant that you have the best-written essay, following the instructions to achieve the fittest output. Essay writing services were invented to assist students in their quest to be better essay writers. However, there is always the possibility of a rotten potato in a sack. Equally, very many scammers have decided to monetize the desperate situation of students. Do not allow yourself to be the victim. Many services are honest and trustworthy in their endeavors and deliver their end of the agreement to the students. It may be impugning to differentiate between legal and illegal academic essay writers, but everything is feasible with the proper guidance.

How to detect scammers in the essay writing business

Is it possible for me to overemphasize the importance of research as a student? I sure hope so because a well-done study typically offers the light at the end of every tunnel. The internet happens to be the biggest asset of all time we can have. Answers provided on the internet can save you from gruesome decisions you would have trapped yourself in. 

With adequate research, it is easy to know a scammer. For example, you may check the internet in an attempt to scour for an influential paper writer. Fraud essays writers may have alarming red flags. They include minimal information, poor communication between his clients, fake reviews, irregular pricing systems, absence of user agreements, and any other shady details that you may find questionable. Reviews offered by customers may also be beneficial in determining the trustworthiness of the essay writer. For example, opinions from new users and those without order erudition may give you a reason to raise an eyebrow and get apprehensive. You can also traverse the writers by checking their responses to clients and how they manage their issues. Only after satisfying your checks can you permit yourself to contact the writer and make an order.

How to buy essays online

It should be easy to proceed if you plan to use essay writing effectively without negative thoughts of cheating. After extensive research of identifying a satisfactory essay writing service that suits your needs, you may order an essay from them. Using an essay expert is worth your money. This is because they hold your best pursuits at heart and ensure that you can go through with your essay writing process without undergoing any rigor. Hiring an essay writing service comes at a considerably high cost. It is safe to pay for the essay through the website, considering effective communication about proceeding. 

Remember that when you buy essays online, they are meant to guide you through writing an essay of your own, following the example of the bought essay. Using the given article and your professor’s guidelines on how to go about writing the essay, rest assured that you will get the best worth of your money.  

How to use essays bought online

There is no surprise that at least one in six students relies on hiring paper writers to end their misery. It is also equally understandable how this can be termed cheating. This is a result of previous improper use. Essays bought online can be used to achieve the best results. They act as examples of what is expected from you and get the best results. There is nothing wrong with asking for help; the mistake comes when the resource is misused, so make no mistake in using your essay to cheat.


Sometimes asking for help also means you are helping yourself. Hiring a professional writer is as good as hiring a tutor to help you through your work. Let us change the narrative of assuming buying essays online is illegal. Since change starts with you, use the paper bought for unpretentious returns.