Iranian Human Rights Lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh Thanks IAPL For Their Work

She is of course 100% correct about the work Stuart does and we add our small thankyou to him for allowing us to share his great work to our audience

It’s people like Nasrin & Stuart that remind us all to try a little bit harder each day.

Dear Stuart, Hello
I am aware of all your deep, respectful and humane efforts regarding all the dangers that threaten Iranian lawyers, and instead of thinking about your conditions on the other side of the world that you are fortunately living free, I am grateful for your determination. I am amazed at what you spend to improve the condition of others in this part of the world, and your work and efforts are deeply respectable and admirable.
Also, all the efforts of dear Jeff who has been with our family for the past 7 years. Jeff and Marsha who turned their worries into great art, not for our family but for the Iranian community.
The limited words that I have at my disposal cannot convey the depth of my gratitude and appreciation for the love that you generously gave to the Iranian society as well as our family.
Jeff gave me the honor of writing a powerful and profound introduction to my book with the same insight and deep love he has for people, and now this book, which was written with the help of Jeff, is dedicated to you and other friends who are in this group. We may not know each other closely, but we are from the same family. The family of human rights and respect for human beings.
Sincere thanks
Here is info about Nasrin Sotoudeh’s new book. It’s bold and often surprisingly personal. She wrote it in connection to the 2023 Laurence and Lynne Brown Democracy Medal which she will receive on October 26. I wrote the foreword. The ebook is free, and a copy of the actual book is just $7.99.

Best  Jeff

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