Iran: Lawyer and university lecturer, Naser Sargaran, arrested by security forces in Saqqez

The arrest of Naser Sargaran, a lawyer and university lecturer, by the security forces in Saqqez

Based on the reports received by Hana’s colleagues; Naser Sargaran, a blind lawyer, lecturer and disabled rights activist, was arrested by the security forces in Saqqez on Wednesday, October 11, 2023.

According to received reports; The security forces raided Mr. Sargran’s house without presenting legal documents and arrested him, and he was transferred to the detention center of Sanandaj Intelligence Agency for questioning.
As of the time of publication of this news, there is no information about the reason for the arrest and the charges against Mr. Sargran.
Naser Sargaran, born in 1987, and a victim of a landmine explosion left over from the war in 1993, has a doctorate in international law from the University of Tehran and his doctoral dissertation is entitled “The right to access of landmine victims to rehabilitation services in the interaction between international law and Iran’s legal system”.