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This appeared in our inbox this morning – not much use for specific legal research may be good for legal biz development etc

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For those of you who haven’t had a chance to visit the I mentioned last week, I am sending around a sample of the recent content, because I realize that reddit can be daunting to those who have never looked at it. (the links below should work but not the other features). Apologies for filling everyone’s email boxes, but  I hope you will  find this a useful resource for sharing articles.

[rights defenders]: Compiled international responses to Cao Shunli’s death (
submitted 2 minutes ago by Jlvdaum

[criminal law]: Lubman on recent crackdowns on expression and activism (
submitted 59 minutes ago by Jlvdaum

[rights] Prosecutors ‘worse than police’ in torturing for confessions -SCMP (
submitted 1 hour ago by gchina

[maritime] Philippine Solicitor General on his country’s ITCLOS arbitration case in the South China Sea – pdf (
submitted 4 hours ago by gchina

Expert: it’s not ‘illegal’ for China kindergartens to give kids meds, so ‘immoral’ teachers will do it (
submitted 16 hours ago by gchina

[Criminal Law] ????“??”??? [A look back on the revised Criminal Procedure Law one year in] (zh) (
submitted 23 hours ago by WheelOfFire

[Criminal Law] Public Opinion, Criminal Justice, and Incipient Popular Liberalism in China (
submitted 1 day ago by WheelOfFire

Legislation roundup: FTZ forex registration procedures, cross-border loan security provision and tax exemptions for NPOs (
submitted 1 day ago by CLP_editorial

[CrimLaw]: Susan Finder reports on SPC domestic violence efforts (
submitted 2 days ago by Jlvdaum

[NPC]: Full translation of NPC work report 2014 (
submitted 2 days ago by Jlvdaum

Is this too ridiculous to be funny? (
submitted 3 days ago by candohome

[Censorship]: Weixin accounts shut down en masse. (
submitted 3 days ago by Jlvdaum

[ConsumerProtection]: The new Consumer Protection Law takes effect today!! Know your rights? (
submitted 3 days ago by Jlvdaum

[RightsDefenders]: Cao Shunli Dies after denial of medical treatment while in detention (
submitted 3 days ago by Jlvdaum