India: Woman lawyer found dead in Noida house 61-year-old lawyer from the Supreme Court was discovered deceased inside her residence in Noida. The woman’s brother, named Amit, has accused her brother-in-law of committing the crime. The body was found in a bathroom after Amit contacted the police as his sister had not been answering phone calls for two days. The police, accompanied by Amit, entered the house and found the woman’s lifeless body. Forensic experts, senior police officers, and a dog squad are investigating the scene. The woman’s husband, Nitin Sinha, is currently on the run. Amit has expressed suspicions about his brother-in-law’s involvement and claimed that he was unreachable. Additionally, Amit revealed that the couple often engaged in arguments, according to DCP Harish Chander.

Woman lawyer found dead in Noida house, probe on – Times of India