India: Taxmann Publish ompany Law Manual A Compendium of Companies Act 2013 along with Relevant Rules (As Amended by Finance Act 2017)



  • Annotated text of Companies Act 2013 (As Amended by Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 & Finance Act 2017) & Rules framed thereunde
  • Text of Relevant Rules given  along with text of relevant section of Companies Act 2013
  • Annotation under each section shows
    • Relevant rules framed under the relevant section
    • Reference to relevant Forms prescribed
    • Exemptions available to private companies /Governmment companies/Nidhis/Charitable Companies
    • Gist of relevant circulars and notifications
    • Date of enforcement of provision
    • Corresponding provision under the 1956 Act
    • Words & Phrases judicially noticed
    • Allied Laws referred to in the provision
    • Relevant provisions of SEBI Rules/SS-1 7 SS-2/Listing Obligations/Table F of Schedule
  • Text of Circulars & Notifications issued under Companies Act,2013 as well as new SS-1 & SS-2
  • Annotated text of Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code 2016
  • Exemption to unlisted public company/private company operating from IFSCs located in SEZ

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