Incisive Upgrade Their IP Law & Business Website

Yesterday  Incisive Media  owner of the American Lawyer et al announced the launch of their  redesigned IP Law & Business Web site and

…..named Ed Shanahan as editor of the publication for both print and online.

The press release goes on to say…….

Targeted to in-house legal professionals and outside attorneys responsible for protecting and managing corporate intellectual property assets, the new site features breaking staff-written stories, IP news from across the entire family of Incisive legal publications and exclusive commentary from leading IP attorneys and litigators. In addition, the site will offer content-specific reference sections and links to prominent IP blogs. With the launch of the new Web site, IP Law & Business will shift to a bimonthly print publishing schedule. The site is available now at

Each day, in addition to its own original content, the site will highlight the latest IP news, analysis, and opinion from around the Web. Staff reporter Joe Mullin’s “The Prior Art” blog will be prominently featured, as will links to other leading IP bloggers. Adding their expertise to the site will be IP Law & Business columnists who contribute to the magazine’s “Smart Pill” and “Point of View” departments.

The site will also feature “The Week in Patent Litigation,” a new column highlighting key filings, as well as a new “IP People on the Move” section. Over the coming months, the site will offer 6 hub reference pages, including four content-specific pages for copyrights, patents, trademarks and trade secrets.

Shanahan joined Incisive Media as a freelance writer and editor in 2008, working primarily on The American Lawyer’s Am Law Daily website. Previously, he had worked at Reader’s Digest, where he served as a senior staff editor and feature writer. Prior to that, Shanahan held senior editorial positions at My Generation and Brill’s Content. He has a written on a wide variety of subjects for such publications as The New Yorker, New York magazine, The New York Observer, the Village Voice, New York Newsday, and The New York Times.

IP Law & Business’ print and online content will continue to include major survey results throughout the year, such as “Who Protects IP America” and “Trademark Counsel for the Global 50.” IP Law & Business also publishes the Annual IP Almanac each December. The Almanac is the definitive digest of the year’s most important IP developments and provides practitioners with a perspective on the direction of IP practice and an important reference tool.