In Response to COVID-19 Crisis, PacerPro Offers Three Months Free Access

Ambrogi writes


PacerPro, a company that provides automated distribution of federal court filings, said today that it is offering three months of free access to its service, as a way of helping legal professionals transition to remote work.

PacerPro’s service automatically sends notices of new filings, together with their associate PDFs, to everyone on a litigation team, within moments of the filing.

PacerPro also provides access through its website to all your federal case dockets and documents and an enhanced interface for searching and tracking cases on PACER.

“All of us are trying to figure out how to help each other, as we’re all hunkered up at home and dealing with this new reality,” Gavin McGrane, PacerPro’s founder and CEO, told me today.

“As former lawyers, we recognize that every ounce of pain is magnified when you’re not working directly with your team. We wanted to do something to help lighten the load and bring some sense of normalcy.”

Earlier today, PacerPro posted the following message on LinkedIn:

As lawyers and legal professionals across the country transition to remote work, many struggle to keep up with federal court filings. We want to help.

We’re offering free, no-commitment access for 3 months to our automated system for distributing your PACER filings. Receive PDFs of new filings in moments by email, and get access to all your PACER documents from any device.

Stay on top of your federal court filings, no matter where you work. Questions? Contact us at [email protected].

[Disclosure: I am a member of PacerPro’s board of advisors.]