In Pennsylvania,(Courts) Facial Expressions Matter.

A Pennsylvania court recently addressed whether a deponent could be compelled to remove a face mask during his deposition after the deponent refused, citing health concerns.  After rescheduling the deposition once, plaintiff’s counsel asked the Court to order the deponent to testify maskless given that he would be doing so alone in a room with an unmanned camera taping him.

Judge Charles H. Bradford in the Court of Common Pleas of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania compelled the deponent to remove his mask, finding the refusal unreasonable given the minimal risks of COVID-19.  The case is Espinosa v. Luthercare, et al., Case No. 2019-02130 (Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas, Lebanon County, July 28, 2021).

Emphasizing that finders of fact must be able to assess the credibility of testifying witnesses, Judge Bradford noted that one of the key tools to doing so is the ability to evaluate the facial expressions of witnesses.  Judge Bradford held “sometimes, facial expressions that accompany verbal testimony are of critical importance in assessing whether somebody is unsure, or perhaps even lying.”  On balance, affording finders of fact the ability to view testifying witnesses’ facial expressions outweighs concerns of COVID-19 exposure, especially when other preventative measures are taken.

In light of the ongoing pandemic, courts continue to take protective measures within reason, striking a balance between safety and traditional practices.  And while courts permit parties to think creatively to develop balanced solutions, wearing a mask while testifying alone in a room at a video-deposition serves no reasonable medical purpose and will not suffice.

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