IBA: Post-Covid professional development in law firms

A webinar jointly presented by the IBA Academic and Professional Development Committee, Young Lawyers’ Committee, Law Firm Management Committee and Professional Ethics Committee.

How do we develop lawyers in a world with a rising amount of remote working? Can professional ethics and culture transcend into the virtual world? Can a junior lawyer develop the right skills without being in the office? The session will discuss not just training but the wider development of lawyers through assimilating culture, informal discussions with colleagues, observing practice, and so on.

The IBA will be providing a networking room at the end of this webinar for attendees to join and chat with other participants. The programme is called REMO and in order to participate you will need to register:

•    Visit https://live.remo.co/e/iba-academic-and-professional-de
•    Click ‘Save me a spot’
•    Log in if you already have an account or register if not
•    When joining, ensure your camera and mic are not being used by another application

If you are already registered for the REMO session you can access it after the webinar at: https://live.remo.co/e/iba-academic-and-professional-de

Source:  https://www.ibanet.org/conference-details/CONF2051