IAPL Report: Russia: Green liquid poured on lawyer Elena Ponomareva, retina damaged

On July 6, lawyer Elena Ponomareva, member of the Moscow Region Lawyers’ Chamber (APMO), was painted green by unidentified persons. Victim believes this attack is related to his/her professional activities, reports APMO. He plans to contact the chamber investigating authorities as he has received threats before.

At a public bus stop, an unidentified person painted the lawyer green paint. As a result of the attack, he received retinal damage as well as bodily injuries. Earlier, Elena Ponomareva received threats through instant messaging programs, and photos were attached showing the lawyer being watched. Also, his car was stained with indelible paint. At the same time, appeals to law enforcement officials about these facts did not yield results.

The APMO Council plans to appeal to the leadership of the investigating authorities with a request for a thorough investigation of crimes against lawyers.

Earlier, it became known after the attack on Milashina and Nemov in Chechnya. excited criminal case.

Unidentified people severely beat journalist Yelena Milashina and lawyer Alexander Nemov in Chechnya the previous day. Masked gunmen stopped his vehicle on his way from the airport in Grozny and destroyed his equipment and documents.

Russia: Green liquid poured on lawyer Elena Ponomareva, retina damaged