Human Rights Activists Update On Iranian Death Sentences For Recent Protestors

HRANA News Agency – Since the start of the 2022 nationwide protests, judicial authorities have handed down death sentences to 25 protestors thus far, with 7 executions having already taken place. While the Supreme Court of Iran has upheld the death sentence for Mohammad Ghobadlou, it has overturned ten other death sentences. The remaining seven death sentences were issued by lower courts and are currently awaiting finalization.

According to Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) reports, at least 25 protesters have been sentenced to death since the beginning of the 2022 protests.

Among them, Mohammad Ghobadlou’s death sentence was recently affirmed by the first branch of the Supreme Court of Iran. The death sentences of other protestors, Mansour Hout, Nezam’aldeen Hout, Ebrahim Naroui, Abbas (Mojahed) Kourkouri, Shoaib Mirbalouchzohi Rigi, Mansour Dehmorde, and Kambiz Khorout, were initially handed down by lower courts and are currently under review by the Supreme Court.

Additionally, the death sentences of Reza Arya, Hamid Ghare Hassanlou, Sahand Nourmohammadzadeh, Hossein Mohammadi, Mehdi Mohammadifard, Arshia Takdastan, Javad Rouhi, Saman Seydi (Yasin), Mahan Sadrat Marani (Madani), and Mohammad Boroughni have been overturned at various times. Their cases have been referred for review to another court branch. Some of these individuals have been sentenced to imprisonment or exile following the reversal of their death sentences, while the cases of others are still under review.

The Revolutionary Court of Tehran has issued the highest number of death sentences following the protests, with a total of 6 such sentences thus far.

The Revolutionary Court of Karaj and the Judicial Complex of Shahid Nouri (the public court of Zahedan) follow closely with 5 death sentences each.

The Revolutionary courts of Sari and Isfahan have each issued 3 death sentences. Finally, the Revolutionary courts of Mashad, Ahvaz, and Zahedan have each issued one death sentence for the accused protesters.

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