Post Malone Reportedly Blows Off Deposition In $350K Case With Ex-Girlfriend

His split with Ashlan Diaz resulted in a law firm suing them for unfulfilled settlement payments after they did a private deal cutting out the firm.

Post Malone is reportedly dismissing a deposition for a $350K court case involving his split from ex-girlfriend Ashlen Diaz. Both individuals face a lawsuit from Martorell Law, who Diaz hired to arrange palimony from Post (support for non-married split couples) after their 2018 breakup. Moreover, Martorell accused both of reaching a private agreement and cutting the firm from previously promised settlement percentages. Now, the law firm alleged that Malone did not respond to the deposition served in his home of Utah.

According to a Radar Online report on Friday (March 3), Martorell filed a motion for a default judgement against Post of $787,027.60 for failing to answer the court order. Also, they claim that his legal team “refused to accommodate the request and instead threatened to bring malicious prosecution charges … six times despite Martorell noting repeatedly that he heard the threat and respectfully requesting he not repeat it.” Then, his lawyers addressed the situation by maintaining that he did not receive the notice upon delivery and only recently became aware of it.