How to Prove the At Fault Truck Driver was Negligent

Truck drivers in Arizona should drive safely while sharing the road with other vehicles. However, trucking jobs are stressful owing to the size of these large trucks and the pressure to meet strict deadlines. In case of a trucker’s error, it can lead to severe accidents. 

Some reasons for truck accidents in Arizona include fatigue, inattention, brake problems, cargo shifts, and more. If you or a friend gets injured in a truck accident, you have a legal right to recover compensation for the injuries or damages. And since Arizona is an at-fault state, you must prove the accident resulted from the driver’s negligence. 

Here are ways to prove recklessness after a truck accident.


You can prove the at-fault driver was reckless if the accident directly caused your injuries. For instance, when a driver uses their phone to send a text message, their truck can easily veer into oncoming vehicles. If a car crash occurs and leads to injuries and other damages, you can argue that the accident resulted from the driver’s inattention.


Breach of Duty

You can also prove that the driver violated their duty to drive the truck safely, leading to the accident. Breach of duty entails someone failing to exercise caution while driving. Negligent driving can take different forms, including driving aggressively, ignoring stop signs, speeding, and drunk driving.


Witness Testimonials

Getting testimonials from onlookers can help in establishing the cause of the accident. Talk to people at the accident scene and record every detail in writing or using your phone. Remember to take their contact details so your attorney can contact them later. Also, professional truckers and physicians can help bring the entire case to light by explaining how the situation could have been handled. 


Video Footage

Video footage can help build a case against the defendant by providing a visual record of the incident to show how events unfolded. It also offers an opportunity for police officers and prosecutors to interview witnesses. You can get video footage from nearby establishments such as supermarkets or petrol stations with CCTV cameras. The truck’s camera can also show if the driver was engaged in distracted driving. Ensure you hire an experienced car accident lawyer immediately, to prevent the trucking company from destroying the footage.


Drug Test Results

Under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulation, all truck drivers must undergo a drug test after an accident that has caused injury or other losses. The information helps to establish if the driver was at fault. Apart from alcohol screening, cell phone records and police reporting can also find evidence of negligence.


Training Records 

Truck driving companies should provide training that teaches safety procedures for all drivers on their fleet. However, you may find untrained truck drivers on the road, so looking at training documentation can help you establish negligence and have a strong case against the trucking company. 

If you were injured in a truck accident in Arizona, you can prove the driver’s negligence in the above ways. This way, you will have a strong case and increase your chances of getting rightful compensation for your injuries and damages.