How To Avoid Legal Landmines: Surprising Areas of Regulation

How To Avoid Legal Landmines

Surprising Areas of Regulation

There is a great deal of law in America today. Some of this is for the better, some would argue it is for the worse. Regardless of your stance, legal operations require adherence to the rules. But there are so many, it may not always be easy for you to comply. For example, did you know that there are TABC codes which apply to businesses not strictly concerned with serving alcoholic beverages?

In section 5.31 of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code, the organization is given authority to make its own rules as pertain to properly carrying out the full thrust of its purpose. This means there have been extensions of this code which don’t always concern, strictly, the consumption sale or distribution of alcoholic beverages.

According to Monshaugen & Van Huff, an organization featuring Texas sexually oriented business fee attorney services, “TABC code and local ordinances strictly govern sexually oriented or “adults only” businesses.” Operating yours is going to have its share of complications, and it is important you understand the risks involved so you don’t accidentally ruin your chances of success.

Businesses that are sexually oriented have a “vice” nature. In fact, sometimes law which concerns alcohol, tobacco, “adults only” entertainment services, and even gambling are all lumped together under some “vice” designation or other. In Texas, a Google search of “vice laws in Texas” will quickly bring up all manner of information pertaining to prostitution.

Do Your Homework

Especially if you are planning on running an “adults only” club, you’ll have to be very careful you follow through with every legal exigency involved. “Pandering” is considered the same as “pimping” by many Texas statutes, and can lead to consequences which may require legal defense. You don’t want your business to be perceived as going against the law in its regular operations; this would be crippling.

Additionally, there are often specific permits and licenses which are a requirement before services can be legally vetted. If you want to navigate this legal minefield without the mine-detector of an experienced attorney, that is certainly your right. But don’t be surprised if a number of income-generating limbs are blown haphazardly across the market’s battlefield.

Such legal bombs can utterly derail a business. You may be able to build a legal prosthesis where your revenue stream was, but such a misstep could cost you the whole operation, just as many lose their lives in an actual minefield.

More Than One Area of Assistance

Having legal counsel can help on two metaphorical fronts, here: it can help you avoid the “mines” to begin with, and should you encounter one, can help you mount a defense—kind of like a doctor after an injury. You shouldn’t go it alone unless you have no choice—and unlike a battlefield, the war of the marketplace isn’t usually so binding.

There are additionally protests which can be filed against your establishment, and as far as sexually oriented operations go, that’s going to be the rule rather than the exception—even in today’s sexually-charged world. There’s a reason you don’t find “visible” sexual operations in neighborhoods. People don’t like it, and they’re not afraid to say so.

You must be sure where your business is located accords with local law, standards, and perceptions. Thankfully, “location is everything”, as the saying goes; and the clientele that will regularly represent profit for you are likely going to be more comfortable with a “less visible” location anyway. So correctly advertised, this will actually function in your favor.

Taking An Informed Step

Legal counsel may be able to provide you valid case-studies that can also help you inform the development or perpetuation of your existing business model. There’s only so much an attorney can share (or not share) about previous clients; but in general they can offer you sound advice based on direct experience, and depending on their previous clients’ ideals and proclivities, perhaps more.

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