How Can A Lawyer Help After A Civil Rights Violation

Civil rights refer to the right to be treated equally regardless of your age, religion, sex, race, disability, national origin, gender and sexual orientation. As a result, civil rights laws were enacted in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to ensure equal access to opportunities and protect people from discrimination based on race, sex, colour, education and much more. These laws continue to be practiced at the federal and state level across the housing, employment, education, voting, and public accommodation settings.

However, you might be a victim of civil rights violations in New York City and have no clue of how to pursue the justice you deserve. This is where a NYC civil rights lawyer comes to your aid in protecting, defending and ensuring your civil rights are upheld. Therefore, if you’ve experienced police brutality, false arrest, harassment, or any other form of civil rights violation, a lawyer can help you after this incident in several ways. They can include:

Investigating the Civil rights violation incident and the legal data

While you could take legal action such as suing the party responsible for violating your civil rights in a civil court, you should consult a Civil rights lawyer. The lawyer should investigate the incident to determine whether you should file a claim with the government and whether you should file it in a state or federal court.

Additionally, your lawyer should help in strengthening your complaint through the use of facts, allegations, and harm you incurred to prove the defendant was responsible for the civil rights violations. Furthermore, your lawyer should help in determining which laws apply in your civil rights violation case.


Present and Defend your case in Court

A lawyer should have relevant information such as witness statements and other evidence to present before the jury or a judge. This information can be used by your lawyer to defend your civil rights violation claim after analyzing it to identify facts that demonstrate the defendant’s guilt for violating your civil rights. As a result, the party or institution responsible for violating your rights may be instructed to compensate you financially depending on the facts of your civil rights case.


Negotiate Settlement claims

A civil rights violation lawsuit can result in the award of millions of dollars for the plaintiff. However, every civil rights violation lawsuit is unique, and the amount compensated depends on the facts of the incident. Nevertheless, your Civil rights lawyer should help in strengthening your compensation claim by using facts that prove the defendant violated your civil rights intentionally or is legally responsible for any of your alleged damages.



Despite the creation of various Civil rights laws by the federal and state legislation, cases of civil rights violation continue to occur daily. As a result, victims of civil rights violations should always start by consulting an experienced NYC civil rights lawyer, who should help in evaluating your case to determine what options are available to you and an outcome for your incident.