With bush courts suspended as a result of coronavirus travel restrictions to remote communities, NT legal groups believe justice for Indigenous people in remote areas is “grinding to a halt”.

Marty Aust, president of the Northern Territory Criminal Lawyers Association, said while some in-custody matters are continuing, most other cases have been adjourned.

“The reality is that things are sort of coming to a grinding halt where these matters are being adjourned, because you just cannot facilitate ongoing contact in the absence of interpreters and access to the clients physically,” Mr Aust said.



In law firm territory Tom Stretton, Managing Director, Australia, Major, Lindsey & Africa writes for Lawyers Weekly

Also, despite being amongst some of the smartest and most highly educated, a surprising number of lawyers (including partners) actually have a less than intricate understanding of how law firm economics actually operate; it would probably do to explain.

We fully concur

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