Hong Kong pro-democracy cafe fined HK$3,500 for toilet stains after owners complained of weekly inspections

Sadly they are gioving up after ceaseless badgering by the authorities

The analogy sums up Hong Kong in its current state

The owners of Not One Less Coffee have announced they will close down, saying earlier that the inspections scared customers away.

Owners of a Hong Kong pro-democracy cafe, who had complained of weekly government inspections which scared customers away, have been fined a total of HK$3,500 for stains in its washroom.

Not One Less Coffee has announced it will shut down because of a slump in business and the frequent visits by various different departments. InMedia reported that the cafe sometimes received dozens of fines a month.

Eastern Magistrates’ Courts fined the cafe over two hygiene offences on Wednesday, Ming Pao reported. According to the first summons, authorities found a grey stain of around six square metres on the ceiling of the men’s restroom last September.

The second summons related to a permanent black stain inside the toilet bowl of the men’s restroom found last October.

The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) charged the cafe with two offences – “unhygienic conditions in the food premises” and “unclean and improperly maintained sanitary facilities.”