Hong Kong police arrest man for booing China anthem during Olympics broadcast

Channel News Asia are reporting..

HONG KONG: Hong Kong police said on Friday (Jul 30) they had arrested a 40-year-old man for booing China’s national anthem in a shopping mall broadcasting live the city’s first Olympic gold medal win in 25 years earlier this week.

More than 100 people gathered briefly on Monday night in a mall to watch on a wide screen Cheung Ka Long claiming the Olympic men’s individual fencing title.

Police said they fielded complaints that some people booed during the award ceremony when China’s national anthem was played. Some shouted “We are Hong Kong” and clapped, according to video clips seen by Reuters.

In a statement posted online, police said the arrested person had held a Hong Kong British colonial flag, booed and chanted slogans with others at the time.

Police said his alleged aim was to “incite hatred and politicise sports”, and that his conduct, taken as a whole, may have insulted the national anthem. The man identified himself as a journalist, police added.

“The police have launched an investigation into the incident and will collect relevant evidence,” police earlier told Reuters.

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