Hong Kong model murdered: details of human butcher shop emerge as police investigate killing

  • Meat grinder, electric saw, soup pots with human tissue and legs stuffed into refrigerator found at home in quaint seaside community
  • Former husband of Abby Choi now focus of citywide manhunt, while ex-brother-in-law and former parents-in-laws arrested

The village house where police have found parts of the corpse of a Hong Kong model had become a gruesome human butcher shop, officers have said after finding a meat grinder, electric saw, soup pots with human tissue, and legs stuffed into the refrigerator.

Authorities on Friday said they suspected the killing of Abby Choi Tin-fung, whose torso, head and hands had not yet been found, was triggered by a fight over tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars that erupted among the 28-year-old influencer, her ex-husband and his family.

The former husband, 31 and jobless, was the focus of a citywide manhunt, while Choi’s ex-brother-in-law and the former parents-in-laws had been arrested.