Hong Kong: Lee Calls Overseas 8 “Street Rats”

He really is a charmer isn’t he.


The eight overseas democrats wanted by national police should be treated like “street rats” that people should “avoid at all costs,” Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee has said.

His comments were in response to Hong Kong national security police issuing arrest warrants for eight self-exiled activists, including former lawmakers Ted Hui and Dennis Kwok, last Monday. Authorities also offered a HK$1 million bounty for each of the wanted people.

Speaking at his weekly press conference on Tuesday, Lee said: “The eight wanted criminals have breached Hong Kong national security law, endangered national security and been involved in serious crimes… As I have said, everyone should treat them as street rats and avoid [them] at all costs.”

He added that the police had “already received some information” about the wanted people, and that authorities would widen the scope of their investigation. They would also look into those supporting the democrats “behind the scenes,” he said.

This was not the first time Lee had referred to the eight democrats as “street rats.” He made the comment twice last Friday while speaking to reporters in the mainland Chinese city of Guiyang, which he was visiting.

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