Hong Kong leader says he is ‘serious’ about tackling problem of illegal structures but authorities must be ‘pragmatic’

Arrest and imprison anybody for thought crime but let dodgy developers get away with what they like — very Hong Kong!


The government is “serious” about tackling the problem of illegal structures built on residential properties, but must be “pragmatic” in how it dealt with the problem, Hong Kong’s leader has said.

But Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu also warned on Friday that owners were responsible for ensuring their homes did not have any unauthorised structures added.

“The government is serious about the problem of illegal structures, but we have to face the reality that there are at least 400,000 private buildings [in Hong Kong], and each building, of course, is multi-storied. So if you look at the number of households, then you are talking about a very big number,” he said.

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